Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Haiku about finals

**it was going to be an ode but apparently those are only about good things.

Pls world can I just ride again?

Finals suck major ass.
Scheduling appointments suck.
This is why I cry.

Can you tell me why
I have a final so early
When I live far away?

No student should have
To take a final at 7
in the damn morning.

Prof of calculus
why can't I take test at home
where life doesn't suck

JK it really does
because finals are awful
anywhere you are

Lowkey don't even know if I can count proper syllables at this point in time. This kept me from losing my shit. I just need to pass this stupid calc final and I'll be fine (maybe).


  1. Aww, damn your finals! I hope you survive!
    Also glad you got your blog back from the evil popup, or whatever that was!

  2. Bleeehhh I do not miss finals. Good lUCK!

  3. Boo finals. Yeah post-finals celebrations!