Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Montana Adventures

This past weekend, my boyfriend, L, had a drill weekend in Montana. His parents live about 2 hours from his unit so he asked me if I wanted to join him and have a pre-thanksgiving dinner with them. I don't work weekends, so I figured why not!
Looked like something out of a tv show
These are my adventures of my first time in Montana. 
We drove up on Friday and stayed at a hotel in Livingston because of the large Montana Grizz vs Bobcats game being held in Bozeman. Livingston is a relatively small town and had a cute vibe to it. We ate dinner at Montana Rib & Chophouse the first night, because beef. When in Montana, eat all the meat. 

The next day he left for drill at 7 AM and I slept my little heart out. We brought his dog with us and she enjoyed the all day cuddle as well. Around lunch time I wandered into town (holy cold and wind) and had the best burger of my life. It was a bison burger (my first!). I watched the football game at the sports bar and then made my way back to the hotel. We had dinner that night at another steakhouse that was in the back of a bar/casino. It was awesome as well. 

My first cheesesteak
One of his friends had worked at a small theater (acting, not movies) in town and got us free tickets to a show. The musical was called Tom Foolery and it was hilarious. I recommend seeing it if it pops up around you. 

Hope is not lost!
Sunday I had to drive into Bozeman with him since we had to check out of our hotel sometime that morning. Left to my own devices I had breakfast downtown, drove around until Petco opened, dropped off the pooch for a bath, and looked for tack stores. 
Fancy boots
The first store I went to was a huge disappointment. It looked like the walmart of horse stores but their english section consisted of winter riding gloves and two half chaps. Womp womp. 
Baby sized blankets!
The next store I went to was more exciting. I wanted it all. Their sale section sucked. Only 20% off. And their consignment section was pricey so I left with nothing. But I wanted it all. 
Mm Leather
I picked the dog back up and picked up L from his unit and we drove to Billings to meet his parents! And after a ten hour drive yesterday, I am finally back home.

Winter collection


  1. Making me hungry and want to go shopping

  2. Montana is always fun! Those are Meaty sized blankets and ahhh I spy my favorite Mountain Horse brown boots! Glad you had a fun trip!

  3. baby sized blankets and burgers with sweet potato fries. purrrrrfect :D