Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Wohoo! I made it home alive. That was a long but fun trip. Let us relive it in photos, shall we?
 View from our hotel room. It was pretty freaking awesome.
And some white wine to celebrate. 
That night we went and had dinner at the restaurant in the lobby of our hotel. It was pretty damn tasty. We shared a cheese platter, bread with melty cheese, and some roasted veggies. We car bar-ed it in the parking lot at the concert and finished off a bottle of red wine. Concert was pretty good. Courtney Love was..interesting. She stayed on forever. Apparently, Lana has social anxiety and it took forever for her to get on stage. She seemed very uncomfortable for the first few songs, but she has the voice of an angel and I was ok with it. She didn't sing very long and just walked off stage and let her band finish. It was rather bizarre. Again, had her voice not have been so incredible I probably would have been pissed. I'm more disappointed but again hearing her live was incredible. 
The next morning we had brunch and checked out the Saturday market.  

Walking downtown

Interesting...but lovely architecture!

China town! We didn't go through but it still looked cool. 
Jamie and I! 
A cool sculpture.  Downtown Portland is very visually stimulating!
Next we hit the Mississippi district. Lots of bizarre shops. Lovely atmosphere! 

One of the many oddities in Portland. A taxidermy and other weird things shop (check out that art on the wall!)
I like geology more than I care to admit. 

A classy marijuana shop. 

I think this was supposed to be a haunted house or something but it was closed for the day. 

Yeah, this had to happen. PS if you ever want to go, go to the one on the East Side because the one downtown has like a 2 hour long line! 

Cathedral downtown. 
MM tacos

And the beautiful drive home. Apologize for the weird formatting. I try so hard with blogger but it hates me and likes unaesthetic-ally appealing blog posts.


  1. OMG I love Portland! Such a cool city! I have a good friend that lives there, and when I visited her we went to the Saturday market, Voodoo Donuts and most of the places in your photos. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Look like so much fun! I've never been but definitely want to check it out (and omg those tacos!). Kinda a bummer that the show ended up being more Courtney than Lana... But at least she sounded good!