Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Adventure Time!

Well, now that school is out, it is time to indulge myself in travels. You know, pretending that whole two weeks I didn't work and didn't get a pay check thing don't exist.

These three can throw a damn good party.
After a spontaneous Luke Bryan concert last week, I'm making a trip to Spokane to visit my Real Classy Lady friend, Jamie, and her lovely mare, Evita. We used to be coworkers at the local tack store before it closed and became good friends. We ended up spending a lot of riding time together, too.

I leave on Thursday and am driving to Spokane. On Friday we are driving down to Portland to see a Lana Del Rey concert! I just snagged an awesome deal on this hotel,

and we will be checking out Portland all day Saturday. She promised me a lesson on Evita so that will be either late Saturday night or before I leave on Sunday morning! In the meantime, CrossFit will be in Boise and will take a few rides on Ries so he doesn't forget about the upcoming shows in June.

A little stress free relief from work (omg I'm ready to stab someone) for May. Plans for June include a possible Alfredo Hernandez clinic (very on the fence about this) and two dressage shows!

I need to con someone to come out and take pony pictures so I have something more interesting to talk about. 


  1. When I'm wasted I usually sit in a pile crying about how much I love Lana Del Rey, sober me is jealous. Drunk me would try to fight you for the ticket if she could coordinate herself sufficiently.

  2. Whoa man, that is a fancy looking mare. Have fun Peg Leg!

  3. lots of plans coming up - super exciting and take lots of pictures!