Friday, July 7, 2017

Riesy Update 7/2017

Who is that handsome grey beast?

Running in the breeze! 

 My life has been a good kind of crazy lately that I'll get to catching up to eventually. But last month there was nearly two weeks where I thought I was going to have to put Riesling down. Not exactly sure what happened but he suddenly became dead lame. Couldn't walk, foundering status. I had the vet out ASAP and he wasn't foundering and we ran a bunch of expensive blood tests that didn't determine anything. Cool thanks Ries. 

It was painful to watch and I couldn't stand to see him in so much pain. I honestly spent most of my free time in his stall crying and petting him while he sucked down some bran mash with his bute. I really felt like I was going to have to say goodbye soon. But fortunately all the bute (and hopefully not the death of his GI tract or liver) made him more comfortable and I am beyond beaming to see him so active. 

But future good crazy shenanigans to follow!