Thursday, April 6, 2017

Treat 'yo self...Thursday?

I only waited like a month before sharing my finds from the consignment store in San Diego. I got the leather halter above for $30 and it had a brand new crown piece from Mary's Tack with a tag still attached! I ordered new plates from and everyone needs to use them. I was an idiot and didn't measure correctly so the tags I got were too small but I told them my dilemma and they sent me a larger set for free! Definitely using them in the future. 

This bonnet was $8 and obviously meant to be. I figured it can be Merlot's new hat. I dig it. 

I've been wanting DSB's for awhile now but haven't bit the bullet. I found this pair for only $22 and figured why not. SPEND ALL THE MONEY, HOARD ALL THE THINGS. 
Anyway, that was my recent treat yo self. I'm itching to shop again. 

Feat. giant wine bottle from Costco


  1. Those are great finds. I love the bonnet!

  2. Awesome! I just moved to SD and have been itching to go to Mary's. I'll get myself there eventually when I stop being so busy!