Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Riesling Update

I waited until Wednesday to have the vet out. He was certain on Tuesday night that Riesling would be fine but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, as well as the NQRness he has been facing lately. 

The vet pulled blood and determined his NQR was definitely a lameness in his right front that was uncorrelated to the seizure. He had me wait on blood results before addressing the lameness. 

Blood results came back saying he had a low platelet count. My vet was unsure if this was a cause for concern or not so he consulted some other vets to pick their brains on the situation.

I just heard back from my vet last night and after consulting other vets (including the neurologist at the state hospital) they determined the blood work was normal and the platelet count wasn't a cause for concern. 

I only have a small sigh of relief though, because that memory of watching him seize is branded in my brain. Tomorrow afternoon we will have a lameness exam. Crossing my fingers its an easy fix.

I have decided at this point to bring my man home. I don't know why I would pay full board for a hurt horse and I can't use the facilities. I'm extremely nervous. 


  1. Fingers crossed for lameness exam, I hope they can help him & you get back on track.

  2. Ughhh that's terrifying. Hugs to you.

  3. So many hugs. I cannot imagine all the stress and scary thoughts. Sending good thoughts to you!

  4. *fingers crossed* I hope that whatever it is its not a big deal and easy to treat

  5. So sorry. Not knowing really sucks. I hope you find an answer soon.

  6. Did your vet test his selenium levels? Stampede has a couple seizures a few years ago and it was due to high selenium resulting from the supplement I was using (at less than the amounts recommended by the supplement company vet, yikes!). I hope you get some answers!