Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer 2016 Goals

I've recently run into some red tape in my academic progress. Last fall I had to take the semester off due to my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. A complete withdrawal is basically the same as failing the class in the eyes of the Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid. Last spring I retook my classes that I had to withdrawal from during the fall. Guess what also doesn't contribute to SAP? Retaking a course. So while I theoretically was meeting SAP, the financial aid center told differently.

I was put on a warning for spring semester and it was obvious that I would be placed on a hold because I was taking all my classes that I had enrolled in for fall but never got to complete. I've spoken with the financial aid office and they believe I am more than likely to get an appeal approved for this.

So, my steps to get through this summer includes:

  • writing an appeal for financial aid
  • meeting with my adviser to approve my appeal for submission
  • submitting an appeal to retake a course that I didn't do so hot in
  • attempting to pass out of a dumb one credit class
If all things go well and dandy, I will be applying to the college of business and economics this fall! I'm already signed up to take my first 300 level course. Education can be fun when you aren't stuck in first year bullshit classes. 


  1. Fingers crossed it works out with minimal fuss!!

  2. Heres to getting the financial aid!!!