Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pony Update

I spoke with my accupressurist about Ries's man boob and she suggested it could be a pulled muscle. Thus began the routine of hand walking, liniment massages, and coating in green cold pack. He seemed to really enjoy his walk and massage so I believe I'm right on track.

Meanwhile, I've been working with Monty. I've been house sitting at my horse trainer's which makes it extremely convenient. Despite the killer cold I've been having I've been getting out and doing a good lunge set on him. It also seems my Pessoa fits well on him, so I will be gifting that to him and my grey Ogilvy set. He looks a million times better since the first day I took him out this winter. His blanket rubs are starting to fill in, and he has a nice shine. 

I also am now the proud new owner of that lovely Custom. Just need Ries to get over his NQR! 


  1. Glad to hear Ries is starting to feel better! :)

  2. Does he sleep on that side? could it be irritation from laying on his own foot?

  3. ooooh exciting about the saddle! hopefully Ries feels all better soon!