Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Musings


Woo. Monday. Ew. 
Friday Ries and I pretended to work on our dressage tests.

Beautiful art I know. Saturday I went and spent the day at the lake. It was pretty awesome because some random group of people invited us to join their party barge made of random floatation devices (my friend and I were on a blowup mattress lol). They also gave us free alcohol so that's always fun.

Yesterday I decided it was cross training time and Ries and I took to the jumps. The #muskateers were all at a clinic/show so #pegleg had to jump by herself. Ries was a star. He tends to flatten out and get fast. Everytime I rocked him back it felt great. Sometimes he ignored me though, and realized his mistake haha. We just jumped a big crossrail (2' ish in the middle) and a 2'3 vertical. I need to gain more confidence back but it was great. It was 90 degrees out though and I wanted to kill myself. SO much sweat. My thighs feel good and sore today so my mission was accomplished.

That's about all that happened last week. No major plans for this week but I will try and get more fodder. 


  1. Those sound like nice days! I am sure your dressage show will be epic as well!

  2. that floating barge on the lake sounds amazing haha. good luck prepping for the show!

  3. That's a very organized test chart :) Sounds like lots of fun!

  4. Well now it's Friday, so TGIF! Haha