Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The moment we've been waiting for

Stalking the mailman
What could they possibly be?
Long and black (thats what she said tehee)
An Ariat logo?!
*gasp* The Monacos happened.
Lets not judge my mad photo taking skillz.
It happened. Monacos are mine. The footbed is a tad narrow, but they haven't been worn since 2013 so I imagine nothing a little breaking in won't fix. The zipper zipped up effortlessly. It was a true Cinderella moment. They don't look or feel worn. At all. I'm a tad bit obsessed. But I am also super poor right now. #horsepoor. 

P.S. Today is Ries's birthday! I will post our celebration tomorrow since I am sitting at my desk right now and I haven't seen him yet.


  1. I have Monaco''s too! They've survived pretty well for the abuse I put them through over the years (although I did have to get new zippers put in pretty much right off the bat).

  2. Happy birthday Rising!!!!!
    Yay new thingz ☺☺☺☺

  3. happy bday Riesling! love those boots too - nice snag!

  4. Beautiful Boots! Happy Birthday (belated) Ries, psst I'll be back in San Diego first weekend of June.